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Offering High-Power Industrial Generators Throughout Northern New Jersey

Industrial generators are the perfect choice for power when you have a large amount of space that requires a high amount of energy. Esposito’s Generator Solutions installs industrial generators through all of Northern New Jersey in order to meet large-scale power needs without sacrificing efficiency. This is ideal for big events, logistics centers, hospital services, and construction zones. We offer varying sizes of Generac industrial generators that are perfect for the diverse needs of industrial work. An industrial generator usually ranges in output power from 20 kW to 2500 kW and 150 hp to 4000 hp engine. Our team of professionals will help you choose the best industrial generator to power your needs.


Industrial Generator Internal Configuration

An industrial generator depends on its internal components to provide you with ultimate power. These components include:

  • Control panel – Manages every part of the operation
  • Engine – Can operate on diesel, natural gas, gasoline, or propane. The larger the engine, the more power it’s capable of supplying
  • Alternator – Consisting of stationary and moving parts, converts mechanical to electrical energy
  • Fuel system – The included tank can store up to eight hours of fuel
  • Voltage regulator – Controls electricity production and facilitates the necessary conversion from AC to DC
  • Cooling system – Prevents overheating during operation
  • Exhaust system – Removes toxic fumes
  • Lubricating system – Carries and delivers the engine oil for a smooth operation

Generator Sizing

Selecting the right Generac industrial generator size ensures you get the maximum power for your industrial needs. The best size for your needs depends on your total power requirements in kilowatts and the type of equipment. For example, equipment that includes compressors or motors requires more power on startup than in operating mode. If you don’t account for the startup power, you could overload your generator. The best way to configure your maximum sizing needs is to determine your power then add 20% to this total. We’re here to guide you to make the best-informed decision about your size and type of industrial generator.

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